Daily Digital :: May 30, 2021


Random Picnic Table in the woods at Fairfield Lake State Park | Nikon D3200 | May 30, 2021

Today we went for a hike at Fairfield Lake State Park, which is between Houston and Dallas. We walked about 2.5 miles taking the 2-mile loop plus another small scenic loop. About the 1.75 mile mark, my wife noticed a random picnic table in the middle of nowhere. There weren’t any other areas to sit and you would have to walk through the jungle to get to it. It was definitely worth the photo.

After our hike, we stopped in Fairfield and took a few photos of their City Hall. There was an older couple at the City Hall taking photos too. she asked us if we always stop at City Halls. You could tell she was super excited to be there; running around taking photos of everything while her husband read the historical signs. Sounds like my wife and me.

Plus, instead of getting on the freeway home, the wife turned down a County Road and we found two off-the-beaten-path cemeteries. Those will be featured individually as I document my cemetery finds.

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